These experts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette faculty and staff have agreed to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise. If you need help arranging interviews, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 337-482-6397 or email

Expert on many aspects of architecture, including Louisiana architecture

School of Architecture and Design
Associate Dean, Professor

Expert on contemporary poetry and film studies

Department of English

Expert on many aspects of architecture, including Louisiana architecture

Academic Affairs
Director, Professor

Expert on educational leadership, and school leadership and management

College of Education
Associate Dean

Expert on bilingual language development, and language and speech disorders

Department of Communicative Disorders

Expert on government contracts, and assistance to Louisiana businesses

Louisiana Procurement Technical Center

Expert on ecosystem change: how animals and landscapes respond to change caused by acute problems, such as oil spills, and chronic problems, such as climate change


Department of Biology
Assistant Professor

Expert on Napoleon, Irish history and culture, and Rome

Department of History and Geography

Expert on nursing education and health care professions

Associate Dean of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Professor

Expert on fiber optics and fiber communications

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor