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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has a strong website and media presence as a direct result of the impressive academic acclaim of our faculty and staff.  In order to expand our regional and national media exposure and to elevate our faculty's expertise online, we are working to update our online faculty listing and would like you to provide us with information that highlight your expertise and research.

Once we get your details, we will compile the information and post it online.

If you have any questions, please email or call (337) 482-6397.

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Please list all that apply, including appointments across multiple departments or with a University research center or institute.
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Bio Information

Keep this bio to 200 words max. Use first-person language meant for students and non-academic audiences.
Follow this format for your degrees: 2010 Ph.D. (Mass Communication) University of Texas. Austin, TX 2006 M.S. (Journalism) Penn State University. University Park, PA 2003 B.S. (Communication) Texas A&M University. College Station, TX
Please list any courses that you regularly teach, providing both the course number and course name. (Example: CMCN 321 Advanced Reporting

Expertise, Research & Opportunities for Collaboration

Prospective students, collaborators, and the media may be interested in specific subjects, so please break down the areas of your expertise or study so they can better match their needs with your expertise. 

For example, instead of just “Business” you might segment your expertise to include “Small Business,” “Impacts of regulations on business,” or “CEO compensation,” or instead of just “Computer Science,” you might break it down to include “Web security,” or “How Computers will impact future labor needs,” or instead of just “Counseling,” you might break it down to “Relationship skills,” “Marriage,” “Handling high voltage relationships,” “Depression,” etc.

If there are specific/standing opportunities, please list them out individually. If opportunities vary, please characterize the types of ways students typically get involved with your research work. Indicate to which levels of students (e.g.undergrad, graduate, Ph.D.) research opportunities are open, the types of research experiences they may have, if any travel is involved, if there are chances for publication, and any other relevant details.
Write descriptions for the common man/woman.
Include names of publications and link to your recent publications. These publications can be provided in the proper citation style of your field (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.).

Awards & Recognition

(e.g. awards, positions held, presentations, being quoted in national publications)
Provide a list of recent professional awards, including name of honor, the awarding organization, and the year awarded.

Other information

List the languages you would be comfortable speaking with a student or a member of the media.
Is there anything else you would like to have included on your bio page?