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Get Publicity for Your Work

There are many opportunities to draw favorable public attention to your research or projects. Following these guidelines and suggestions can help you find

Know what's newsworthy.

In general, news is timely information that's of interest to a large number of people. With an information explosion, competition for space or air time is often intense. So, news stories have a better chance of making it into print or onto the air if they are unique, inspirational or have a direct impact on people's lives.

Media, in general, are very cooperative and give UL Lafayette a great deal of coverage. However, we rely on their judgment and circumstances: we cannot control what is published or broadcast.

If you're not sure whether your information is newsworthy, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing via phone (337) 482-6397 or send e-mail to

Determine what you want to accomplish with publicity.

That will determine, in large part, how your information will be disseminated. Do you want to encourage people to attend an event? If you would like recognition for a professional accomplishment that's within the usual scope of your responsibilities, such as attending a conference, the best placement may be trade or technical journals distributed among your peers.

A reminder: most media are interested in stories that affect a large number of people. We encourage you to contact our office; we will advise you about your options. If you'd like publicity before an event, please contact us as soon as you can.

Interviews on live television or radio programs, for instance, are scheduled weeks, and sometimes months, in advance. Remember that timeliness is a key to news coverage. The odds of successful publicity increase dramatically when coverage can be planned and coordinated weeks in advance. Tailor your news for each medium. For instance, be prepared to provide visuals for broadcast and details for print.

Make sure you're on our "experts list."

The Office of Communications and Marketing has prepared a list of faculty members who reporters can call when they would like to interview someone with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field. Serving as an expert for media is an excellent way to gain exposure and create positive impressions.

If you're willing to be interviewed by print and broadcast reporters, please provide information about yourself and your areas of specialty by submitting the form for experts. Your name and the information you submit will be added to online and printed versions of UL Lafayette's Experts List.

If you have any questions, please call us at (337) 482-6397 or send e-mail to

Don't forget about "La Louisiane" and "Alumni Accents."

La Louisiane is the magazine of UL Lafayette. With a circulation of about 85,000, it's a powerful tool for conveying good news about the university, its faculty and students. It also gives in-depth coverage to a variety of topics.

Alumni Accents is a publication of the UL Lafayette Alumni Association, produced by the Office of Communications and Marketing. It's sent to association members to keep them informed about their alma mater.