Expert on bilingual language development, and language and speech disorders
Expert on Napoleon, Irish history and culture, and Rome
Expert on the archaeology of southeastern North America
Expert on Louisiana studies
Expert on the history of the Catholic Church and gender history
Expert on U.S. politics, including the Supreme Court, civil liberties and civil rights
Elections and politics
Dr. Ryan Teten is an expert on the presidency, presidential and Congressional campaigns and elections, political communication, and Congress. He has conducted hundreds of television, radio and newspaper interviews for state and Acadiana media and provides national election night coverage for clear channel radio stations from WWL radio in New Orleans. He has published on the subjects of negative advertising, presidential communication, political behavior, politics and “The Daily Show,” campaigns and social media, children and politics, politics and video games, presidential nomination systems, and political communication.
Expert on Shakespeare and Renaissance literature
Expert on crisis assessment
Expert on women writers and women in the workplace


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