Expert in biodiversity of marine botany, algae, seeweed, and effects of oil spills on marine life
Expert in computational geometry
Expert on coastal land loss and Louisiana geology
Expert on pollution and aquatic species
Expert on coastal biology, conservation, and wildlife ecology
Expert on material sciences, bioinorganic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry
Expert in ecosystem change: how animals and landscapes respond to change caused by acute problems
Impacts of environmental disasters
Physics professor Dr. Natalia Sidorovskaia is leading an interdisciplinary consortium of 24 scientists and students that will study the impact of the environmental disaster on endangered sperm whales, beaked whales and dolphins. Changes in marine mammal distribution and abundance can impact and reflect the health of the entire deep-water ecosystem. Her research seeks to help understand what may happen to marine mammals during and after events, such as oil spills or other environmental and man-made stressors, and help guide ocean management decisions about conservation, regulations, and mitigation.
Expert in neuroscience, genetics
Expert on weapons of mass destruction and terrorism


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